SlowDNS Accounts: Enhancing Security And Privacy With SSH SlowDNS

What is SlowDNS Account ?


In an era where digital privacy and security are paramount, SlowDNS has emerged as a powerful tool for ensuring online anonymity and protecting sensitive data. SlowDNS, often referred to as "Slow DNS" or simply "SDNS," is a DNS tunneling solution that encrypts internet traffic and shields users from prying eyes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of SlowDNS accounts, the functionalities of SlowDNS, and the synergy between SSH and SlowDNS for enhanced privacy and security.

SlowDNS Accounts: Your Gateway to Enhanced Online Privacy

SlowDNS accounts are the key to accessing the full range of features offered by the SlowDNS service. These accounts empower users to harness the capabilities of SlowDNS to safeguard their online activities and communications.

Understanding SlowDNS: The DNS Tunneling Solution

SlowDNS is a DNS tunneling tool that serves as a bridge between the user's device and the internet. It operates by encapsulating internet traffic within DNS packets, effectively making it appear as regular DNS requests. However, behind the scenes, SlowDNS encrypts and routes the data through its servers, providing several benefits:

  1. Anonymity: SlowDNS obscures the user's IP address, making it difficult for ISPs, websites, or malicious actors to trace their online activities.

  2. Circumventing Restrictions: SlowDNS can be used to bypass internet censorship and access blocked content or websites, helping users overcome restrictions imposed by governments or organizations.

  3. Data Encryption: SlowDNS encrypts data traffic, ensuring that sensitive information, such as passwords and personal data, remains secure from eavesdropping.

  4. Privacy: By using SlowDNS, users can protect their privacy and prevent unauthorized surveillance or tracking.

The Role of SlowDNS Accounts

SlowDNS accounts offer several benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Performance: With a SlowDNS account, users can enjoy faster and more stable connections, ensuring a smooth and seamless browsing experience.

  2. Access to Premium Servers: SlowDNS accounts often provide access to premium servers with improved speed and reliability.

  3. Dedicated Support: Account holders may receive priority customer support, ensuring that any issues or inquiries are addressed promptly.

  4. Data Quotas: Some SlowDNS accounts offer increased data quotas, allowing users to transfer more data without limitations.

The Synergy Between SSH and SlowDNS

SSH (Secure Shell) is a widely used protocol for secure remote access and data transfer. When combined with SlowDNS, it enhances security and privacy:

  1. Secure Tunneling: SSH SlowDNS tunneling encrypts data traffic twice—once with SlowDNS and again with SSH. This double-layered encryption adds an extra level of security.

  2. Bypassing Firewalls: SSH SlowDNS can bypass firewalls and deep packet inspection (DPI) systems that may attempt to block SlowDNS traffic.

  3. Server Authentication: SSH provides robust server authentication, ensuring that users connect to legitimate SlowDNS servers and not malicious impostors.

  4. Simplified Configuration: SSH SlowDNS simplifies the configuration process, making it easier for users to set up and benefit from this powerful combination.

SlowDNS for Enhanced Security and Privacy

SlowDNS, in conjunction with SSH SlowDNS tunneling, can be a game-changer for users seeking enhanced security and privacy in their online activities. Here are some ways SlowDNS contributes to this:

  1. Privacy Protection: SlowDNS conceals the user's IP address, ensuring that their online activities remain private and anonymous.

  2. Data Encryption: SlowDNS encrypts data traffic, preventing unauthorized access or monitoring of sensitive information.

  3. Secure Browsing: Users can browse websites and access online content securely, even in regions with strict censorship or surveillance.

  4. Protection on Public Wi-Fi: SlowDNS helps protect users when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, safeguarding them from potential threats on unsecured networks.

Challenges and Considerations

While SlowDNS offers numerous benefits, users should be aware of certain challenges and considerations:

  1. Internet Speed: The use of SlowDNS can result in slower internet speeds due to the additional encryption and routing. However, this trade-off is often outweighed by the privacy and security benefits.

  2. Server Availability: The availability and performance of SlowDNS servers can vary, impacting the user experience. Users may need to switch between servers to find the best-performing one.

  3. Legality: The use of SlowDNS may be subject to legal restrictions in certain regions. Users should be aware of local laws and regulations regarding VPNs and proxy services.

  4. Configuration Complexity: Setting up SlowDNS and SSH SlowDNS tunneling may require technical expertise. Users should follow detailed guides and tutorials to ensure proper configuration.


SlowDNS accounts serve as the gateway to enhanced online privacy and security, offering users the means to protect their data, circumvent restrictions, and maintain anonymity. SlowDNS, in combination with SSH SlowDNS tunneling, provides a robust solution for safeguarding online activities and communications.

By leveraging the power of SlowDNS accounts and understanding the synergy between SSH and SlowDNS, users can enjoy secure and private internet access, even in the face of censorship and surveillance. While there are challenges and considerations, the benefits of using SlowDNS for enhanced online security and privacy are undeniable, making it a valuable tool in the digital age where privacy is at a premium.

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SSH Supported Protocol

  • OpenSSH over SSl/TLS Connection
  • Dropbear over SSL/TLS Connection
  • SSH Websocket
  • SSH CDN Cloudflare
  • SSH CDN Cloudfront
  • SSH over DNS (SlowDNS or DNSTT)
  • SSH UDP Custom

GlobalSSH provides Free and Premium Accounts. Free ssh account have a limited active periode of 3 days. But, you can extend its active period before it runs out. Premium ssh account will reduce balance every hour. So, member are required to top up first and make sure the balance is sufficient. All ssh tunnel accounts are equipped with unlimited bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

To use SSH tunneling, you need to have an SSH client installed on your local computer and access to an SSH server. You can then use the SSH client to establish a secure connection to the SSH server and configure the tunneling settings.

List SSH Client Apps

  • Putty
  • Bitvise SSH Client
  • HTTP Net Header (Official Software) for Windows
  • [G] Tunnel (Official Software) for Windows
  • Netmod for Android / Windows
  • HTTP Injector for Android
  • HTTP Custom for Android
  • KPN Tunnel Rev for Android
  • etc

There are many different ways to use SSH tunneling, depending on your needs. For example, you might use an SSH tunnel to securely access a remote network, bypassing a firewall or other security measures. Alternatively, you might use an SSH tunnel to securely access a local network resource from a remote location, such as a file server or printer.

SSH tunneling is a powerful tool for securely accessing remote servers and services, and it is widely used in situations where a secure connection is necessary but not available directly.

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