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What is SSH Tunnel ?

SSH tunneling, also known as SSH port forwarding, is a mechanism for creating a secure connection between a local computer and a remote server through which network traffic can be forwarded. It allows a user to connect to a server over an encrypted connection, and then forward traffic from their local machine to the remote server, or vice versa securely over an SSH (Secure Shell) connection. And also allows you to establish a secure connection between two computers over an insecure network, such as the internet.

SSH tunneling is often used to securely access services that are not directly exposed to the internet, such as a database server or a networked application. It can also be used to bypass network restrictions or to securely access services on a network that might not be otherwise secure.

With SSH tunneling, you can redirect traffic from a local port on your computer to a port on a remote server. This can be useful for accessing services that are only available on the remote server, or for bypassing restrictions or firewalls that block certain types of traffic.

SSH Supported Protocol

  • OpenSSH over SSl/TLS Connection
  • Dropbear over SSL/TLS Connection
  • SSH Websocket
  • SSH CDN Cloudflare
  • SSH CDN Cloudfront
  • SSH over DNS (SlowDNS or DNSTT)
  • SSH UDP Custom

GlobalSSH provides Free and Premium Accounts. Free ssh account have a limited active periode of 3 days. But, you can extend its active period before it runs out. Premium ssh account will reduce balance every hour. So, member are required to top up first and make sure the balance is sufficient. All ssh tunnel accounts are equipped with unlimited bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

To use SSH tunneling, you need to have an SSH client installed on your local computer and access to an SSH server. You can then use the SSH client to establish a secure connection to the SSH server and configure the tunneling settings.

List SSH Client Apps

  • Putty
  • Bitvise SSH Client
  • HTTP Net Header (Official Software) for Windows
  • [G] Tunnel (Official Software) for Windows
  • Netmod for Android / Windows
  • HTTP Injector for Android
  • HTTP Custom for Android
  • KPN Tunnel Rev for Android
  • etc

There are many different ways to use SSH tunneling, depending on your needs. For example, you might use an SSH tunnel to securely access a remote network, bypassing a firewall or other security measures. Alternatively, you might use an SSH tunnel to securely access a local network resource from a remote location, such as a file server or printer.

SSH tunneling is a powerful tool for securely accessing remote servers and services, and it is widely used in situations where a secure connection is necessary but not available directly.

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