Trojan VPN: Supported WebSocket, GRPC, And CDN CloudFlare Or CloudFront

What is Trojan VPN ?


In an era of growing internet restrictions and surveillance, circumventing censorship and ensuring online privacy have become paramount. Trojan Go, often referred to as "Trojan-Go" or simply "Trojan," is a powerful tool designed to help users break through the Great Firewall (GFW) and navigate the web securely. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of Trojan Go, its functionalities, and the benefits of using Trojan VPN, WebSocket, and premium features for a truly private and unrestricted online experience.

Trojan VPN: Unveiling the Tool for Bypassing the GFW

Trojan Go is an open-source proxy tool that employs advanced techniques to bypass censorship and access the open internet. It operates by tunneling traffic through a secure and encrypted connection, making it appear as ordinary HTTPS traffic to evade detection.

The Great Firewall (GFW): Understanding Internet Censorship

The Great Firewall, operated by the Chinese government, is a system of internet censorship and surveillance used to control and restrict access to certain websites and online content. It employs a variety of methods, such as DNS filtering, IP blocking, and deep packet inspection (DPI), to enforce censorship.

Trojan VPN: Shielding Your Online Activities

Trojan VPN is an integral component of Trojan Go that enhances online privacy and security. Key features of Trojan VPN include:

  1. Encryption: Trojan VPN encrypts internet traffic, preventing ISPs, governments, or malicious actors from intercepting or monitoring online activities.

  2. Anonymity: It masks the user's IP address, making it difficult to trace online activities back to the user.

  3. Bypassing Censorship: Trojan VPN enables users to access blocked websites and content by routing their traffic through servers located outside of censorship zones.

  4. Secure Connections: It provides secure and private connections, especially important when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Trojan WebSocket: Versatile and Efficient

Trojan WebSocket is a feature that sets Trojan Go apart. It utilizes WebSocket, a communication protocol that allows for real-time, full-duplex communication between a client and a server. Benefits of Trojan WebSocket include:

  1. Low Latency: WebSocket's low overhead and efficient communication make it ideal for reducing latency and ensuring a smooth browsing experience.

  2. Streaming Support: It supports real-time data streaming, making it suitable for services that require continuous data updates, such as live chat and video streaming.

  3. Web Accessibility: Trojan WebSocket can be configured to operate over standard web ports (HTTP/HTTPS), making it less likely to be blocked by firewalls and DPI systems.

Trojan Premium: Elevating Your Online Experience

Trojan Premium is a paid service that unlocks additional features and benefits. Some advantages of Trojan Premium include:

  1. Enhanced Speed: Premium users often enjoy faster connections, ideal for bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming and gaming.

  2. Dedicated Servers: Premium services may offer access to dedicated servers with higher performance and reliability.

  3. Priority Support: Premium users typically receive priority customer support, ensuring timely assistance for any issues or inquiries.

  4. Server Selection: Trojan Premium often allows users to select from a wide range of servers located in different regions, offering more options for bypassing censorship.

Real-World Applications

Trojan Go, with its Trojan VPN, WebSocket, and premium features, finds application in various scenarios:

  1. Circumventing Censorship: Users in regions with internet censorship can use Trojan Go to access blocked websites, social media, and news outlets, ensuring access to uncensored information.

  2. Secure Browsing: Trojan Go's encryption and anonymity features protect users from surveillance and data interception, especially on public Wi-Fi networks.

  3. Enhanced Streaming: Trojan WebSocket's low latency and premium features make it ideal for streaming content, offering a seamless and buffer-free experience.

  4. Global Connectivity: Trojan Go enables users to connect to servers worldwide, allowing them to access region-specific content and services.

Challenges and Considerations

While Trojan Go offers numerous benefits, users should be aware of certain challenges and considerations:

  1. Technical Proficiency: Setting up and configuring Trojan Go may require technical expertise, especially for advanced features like WebSocket.

  2. Server Reliability: The availability and performance of Trojan Go servers can vary. Users may need to switch between servers for the best experience.

  3. Legal Implications: Users should be aware of the legal and ethical implications of bypassing censorship in their region and use Trojan Go responsibly and in accordance with local laws.

  4. Security Risks: As with any proxy tool, there are potential security risks associated with Trojan Go if not used correctly or if connecting to untrusted servers.


Trojan Go, with its Trojan VPN, WebSocket, premium features, and ability to bypass the Great Firewall, offers users a powerful tool for securing their online activities and accessing a free and open internet. In an age of increasing censorship and surveillance, tools like Trojan Go play a vital role in ensuring online freedom and privacy.

By understanding the capabilities and features of Trojan Go and considering the challenges and considerations, users can harness the power of this tool to break through censorship barriers, protect their online privacy, and experience the internet as it was meant to be—a space for free expression and unrestricted access to information.

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Trojan Protocol

  • Trojan TCP Support SSl/TLS
  • Trojan Websocket Support SSL/TLS
  • Trojan gRPC Support SSL/TLS
  • Trojan Support Custom Method
  • Trojan Support Dynamic Path
  • Trojan CDN Cloudflare
  • Trojan CDN Cloudfront

GlobalSSH provides Free and Premium Accounts. Free trojan account have a limited active periode of 3 days. But, you can extend its active period before it runs out. Premium trojan account will reduce balance every hour. So, member are required to top up first and make sure the balance is sufficient. All trojan accounts are equipped with unlimited bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

List Trojan VPN Client Apps

  • Clash for Windows
  • Netch for Windows
  • Netmod for Android and Windows
  • HTTP Injector for Android
  • HTTP Custom for Android
  • Sagernet for Android
  • V2RayNg for Android
  • etc


  • TLS tunneling.
  • UDP proxy.
  • Transparent proxy based on TProxy (TCP / UDP)
  • Countermeasures against GFW passive detection/active detection mechanism.
  • Socks5 / HTTP proxy automatic adaptation.
  • Websocket and gRPC transmission support to realize CDN traffic transfer (based on WebSocket or gRPC over TLS) and counter GFW man-in-the-middle attacks.

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